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Privacy Policy

Our company's privacy policy has been assembled in conformity with the laws governing the UK and EU regulatory bodies. Laws from the UK and EU are considered altogether – especially relevant laws that primarily deal with the usage and collection of data. So, when a customer uses our site, they automatically agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions of our company.

This privacy policy may be subject to change without any prior notification or notice. The policies can be updated whenever the company deems them to be necessary. It is advised for clients to thoroughly go through the privacy policies regularly before making a purchase. The company will not be liable for any ignorance concerning updated policies.

The Collected Information

In order to allow the website to function correctly, an array of data is required. The company collects relevant data, like clients' banking details and personal data. This type of personal data of clients is known as identifiable data. In addition to this, the website collects non-identifiable data, too. This data consists of information like the browser name, IP address and operating system of the client when logging in.

Non-identifiable data may be subjected to third parties if deemed necessary by the company. However, rest assured that we do not share our customers' identifiable data with any entity or third party. In fact, the collected identifiable data is considered highly secure and immediately encrypted for maximum protection of our users. It is crucial for users to enter the correct information when it comes to their personal data, such as names, billing addresses, delivery addresses, as well as banking details. This is because accurate personal information helps us ensure the accuracy and confirmation of the orders.

The Use of Collected Information

The identifiable and non-identifiable data collected by our company is utilised in order to optimise the overall online experience of the website's users. The collected data serves as helpful bits to improve the website's features and to ensure it is user-friendly, efficient and has an appealing interface on all devices. We assure our users that their banking details and personal data are completely safe and will only be used to approve and confirm orders. However, we may choose to reach out to clients to notify them of relevant promotions and specials available on the websites at times. The identifiable data is not disclosed to any third party unless required by law to do so.

Use of Cookies on Our Website

In order to capture the essence of user experience and to find out how to improve it, the company uses tools known as 'cookies'. Cookies allow service providers associated with the parent company to define the non-identifiable data of customers. Although the company itself is always in full control of cookies, there may be some circumstances which could lead us to discontinue granting permission to third parties – especially if we find it to be in the best interests of our customers. However, this decision will rely entirely on the company. It is important to note that our company is affiliated with certain third-party service providers. These third parties help the company ensure that our users experience an overall satisfying encounter whenever they come across, interact or purchase from the website.

However, as mentioned before, the company does not grant access to important personal information of our customers to the said third-party members. Additionally, the customers are in complete control when it comes to accepting or rejecting cookies from the website. They can do so by going to their browser settings and deciding. However, the user experience may be negatively affected if they reject cookies.

Data Privacy and Protection

The enterprise is constantly looking for ways to improve the website's features to ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient experience. Of course, this also entails incorporating vital security updates to guarantee the protection of the customers' personal information. Data privacy and protection are a top priority. We have made sure that all of the payments are processed on a secure server. Additionally, the website is SSL encrypted as well.

Do you have any Queries for us?

Consult the terms and conditions section of the company along with some other important sections if you have some queries regarding the company, shipping, or the products. There are various FAQs compiled for your ease. However, if you still have some pressing queries, we suggest you get in touch with the customer support team via the Contact Us page.